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The approach makes the scope Fun Lab: the I+D accelerator

Through a strong focus on radical innovation, TFuF helps brands, designers and manufacturers, unfold their desired futures in the most sustainable way.

Fun Lab never stops ! Explore The Fashion Orchard, a bespoke program that explores the connections between Fashion, Sustainability and Education.

x Brands

Trends, fashion and growth have been intimately related for decades, serving to unsustainable lifestyles, de-humanizing the value chains and extracting precious resources from the planet. The damage is bold, but the future is bright. We believe in the power of community and collective transformation to make out of tomorrow, a better place to be and a better way to feel. 

Bespoke Sustainability services for brands

x Designers

As human centered as it can get. Our expertise in product innovation and heritage helps us to drive the accurate strategy for your project and to design the roadmap that better serves your purpose. 

Bespoke Sustainability services for designers

x Suppliers

An in-depth analysis of the past, and a willingness to understand the signals of change, enables unfolding desirable your future landing. We help you to be up to date to the future needs of your industry, and to smoothly implement transformation in your practices.

Bespoke Sustainability services for designers
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