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Good Practices


We also encourage to take simple actions in everyday lives to co-create meaningful and sustainable futures together. 

- reduce the use of unnecessary energy at home: for example, use a hand squeezer rather than a electric one for your juice, use a french press of moka coffee maker.

repair, ammend, share, repeat

"I do believe there is a lot of the gut here, but the most important once the signal caught our attention, is to begin the journey"

There could be both weak or strong signals of change. Observation and analysis are crucial to understand the history behind them, and their potential scope. During this process of connecting dots, it is imperative to dive deep and force some concepts together. A trend, in the end, already exists in a latent way. Our job is to study it to understand people better, and make more accurate decisions and choices, engaging effectively with the world thats being created collectively.

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