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The unFull Story

Cecilia Guarás is the founder of the Future unFolder. With her team of experts is looking forward to start a new project together!

H e l l o !

 I am Cecilia Guarás. I have created this space after a long period of daydreaming about it. "A rabbit can come out, out of an empty hat".

This is not supposed to make a statement about magic, but rather to bring hope when we think that everything already exists, or that nothing can be improved. What will always be unique, is the personal fire that drives our paths, and the singular approach that we can add to co-create cross disciplinarity to develop a more efficient and human problem solving, focusing on real value creation.

I am a fashion strategist with a strong focus in innovation and conceptualization, unfolding prospective scenarios that have a special impact in human wellbeing, development and communication. I hold an interdisciplinary background in Fashion, Education and Sociology; and I gathered all the petals of these colored flowers to bring new solutions, through a new sensitive, collaborative and insightful perspective.

I aim to intertwine corporative applications with Education to have spaces for provoking thoughts and exploring radical ideas, as well as implementing changes at industry and systemic levels.

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